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Latest news! - Shelley Byrne (part owner of LB-Karate) meets half brother Jason Akermanis for first time... Luke Byrne wins Silver Medal at World titles in Italy...visit for more details

EMA-KARATE is a member of the Shotokan Karate Coalition and runs classes in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, with classes in Mont Albert and Box Hill

Instructor Profile - LUKE BYRNE (4th Dan JKA/SKC)

Sensei Luke is an executive member of the SKC and has been training in Karate for 14 years. In that time Luke has achieved alot, most recently winning silver at the WTKA world championships in Italy.

Some of Luke's major Individual Achievements:

7 times Australian team member - 2003 Captain

Victorian- Kata Champion

Victorian -Kumite Champion

N.S.W.- Kata Champion

Victorian Shotokan Cup- Kata Champion

South East Asian and Oceanic -Kata Champion

South East Asian and Oceanic -Kumite Champion

SKC Elite and Novice National Championships - Kumite Champion

WTKA World Championships silver medalist -Kumite

2nd Place - Team Kata South African International

2nd Place- Kata Australasian Championships

2nd Place- Kumite Australasian Championships

2nd Place- N.S.W. Championships Kumite

3rd Place- Kata Northern Regional All Japan Qualifier

4th place- WTKA World Championships Kata

The people that have left the biggest impact on Luke's karate and life are his father Terry, who taught him that if you believe in yourself and you put your heart into everything you do, you can achieve anything, Sensei Keith who has shown him that if you have your integrity and you are honest within yourself then nobody can hold you down, Sensei Stan who has taught him to keep an open mind to new possibilities, and to be creative in your training, and Sensei Takahashi who taught him to rise from adversity.

As well as karate Luke also trains regularly in Tae Kwon do, boxing, kickboxing, kung fu, jiu jitsu and judo. Luke implements a lot of the training methods and techniques that he learns from other styles into his own style in order to bring the best out of his students.

As a qualified Physical Education teacher he also implements a number of inventive teaching strategies into his training. His knowledge of individual learning abilities and motor skill development help him to develop and modify strategies to meet individual student needs in order to increase their progress and help them reach their full potential. It is Luke's positive attitude and commitment to never ending improvement that will ultimately see him achieve even greater success in the near future.

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